About Us

About Us

Expert Service Plus brings years of repairing experience right to your home or office. Our design professionals are equip to help you determine the product and design that work best for our customers within the colors and yours surroundings more than your expectation.

At Expert Service Plus in Kolkata, we pride ourselves on the quality of our lowest LED TV repair services rate that we offer to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our only priority. It is highly recommended that you do not trust just any technician out there pretending to be an expert in LED TV repair as the repairs need highly qualified and trained LED TV repair technicians who have the experience, knowledge and the skills to recover your faulty LED TV.

Why you should choose Expert Service Plus?

We can pick it up at your home, or office.
Very reasonable repair charge as compared in the service market.
A guarantee/warranty support on all repair work we do on your Television.
Our engineers are highly skilled, knowledgeable and use the latest test, techniques and diagnostic equipment to ensure a quick and reliable repair.
Fast and efficient service.
We are a locally established repair center.


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